Asperger Syndrome is an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Asperger syndrome is one of the autism spectrum disorders (ASD). This means that people with Asperger syndrome can display a wide range of behaviors and social skills and no two individuals will have the same set of characteristics.

Some people will demonstrate skills that are mostly in line with their peers, while others may present with ‘odd’ behaviors. Other people will appear to be significantly different from their peers.

Causes of Asperger Syndrome

It is not clear what causes Asperger syndrome, but certain things do not cause it. Television, parenting style or choices, junk food, tantrums and family situations do not cause Asperger syndrome.

Current research indicates that there is likely to be both a neurological and genetic cause. This means that in some families there is more than one child or family member, with ASD. In many families with affected children, there are other family members who have some similar difficulties, but do not have a diagnosis.

Treatment for Asperger Syndrome

There is no cure or specific treatment for Asperger syndrome. However, social skills training can be helpful. Obtaining a diagnosis of the condition may mean that people with ASD and their families can access disability services, funding or support – such as the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development’s program for students with disabilities.

Diagnosis can also allow the family and others to understand the behaviors and feelings of a person with Asperger syndrome. This can help develop more realistic expectations, plan for changes to routines and manage stress.

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